Hi Everyone and Welcome to my Wiki

I've had a bit of trouble getting this up. Well actually not getting it up but wondering what to do with it. But now that I'm here I'll say that I'm looking forward to working with this new tool and just hope I know how to use it safely. I'm learning so much in this course. I never imagined I would be creating my own websites and wikis. So yes, this is quite a change. The learning theories have been amazing and I'm thoroughly inspired to do something (once I get familiar with the 'manage wiki controls').
I'm so glad I decided to become a teacher. I don't know why I considered anything else. I know everyone says it's hard but I get to learn all this cool stuff and one day teach it. Teaching is such an innovative practice. No, I won't be a doctor or scientist, but I can inspire children to pursue those careers. And that is how teachers can change society. Learning ICT has opened up my imagination; not just in computers but in all learning areas. There is so much to do, learn and acheive. When I'm a teacher I want children to be as excited about learning as I am. Yes, study is tough but it's so rewarding once you understand and connect things (Siemens, 2005). So my favourite theory has been Siemen's, connectivism. It changed my perspective of learning. Because I don't believe learning is about memorising facts and drilling yourself through lectures (Siemens, 2005). It's about discovery, a journey that leads from concept to concept, inspiring and challenging us along the way (Siemens, 2005).
Now that I've had my happy rant I'll get to basic issues. I caught up on the readings for cyber bullying, copyright and internet safety and I've attached an additional page summarising this. I've also posted a You Tube video about future ICT education.

Changing The Future of Education

CreativeAcademies. (2010, March 25). Changing the future of education [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhhNv8xrtNA&feature=related