The event

The event depends on what students want to do as a class. This unit has been written assuming students create an event of the following decription. If the unit is implemented the teacher should allow for variation of outcomes.

The event is hosted at the school hall or other large building. This will save the cost of rent. This hall is decorated in whatever fashion with palms, draperies, wall hangers, and artefacts such as paintings, necklaces. Bilboards are set up with posters and articles with interesting cultural corners.
The event begins with the students greeting guests as they arrive in the hall. Tickets may be required or the event is free. If it is free students will consider another means for raising money. The show should begin by a host welcoming everyone to the event. Next a series of presentations is given explaining the cause and giving factual evidence in an interesting and entertaining way. Powerpoints and Prezis can be used. Throughout the presentations different students can come up and talk about the different areas. One may be history, or the environment, a study of consumption rates etc. As the show progresses there can be dances and performances telling stories and exhibiting the culture. The audience should be oriented into a Maasain world. Performances can be swapped with presentations. overal the show should last an hour. Afterwards the guests can be led into a reception area where food is served and music played. here the students should make an effort to interact, hand out resources and talk about their project. This may include having a stall of picture or artefact displays. There should be one stall that collects money for the project. Throughout the event the gravity fed pipeline project is the focus, it is why the money is needed and should be clearly displayed and advocated.


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