What must be prepared before teaching this unit

Before teaching this unit ensure that you have sound knowledge of African culture and charities like WTWT. Programs such as World Vision do much of the same work are a great organisation to get involved in if you are interested in sponsoring work. It is also required that you have sound ICT skills and have had sufficient experience in conferencing with professionals globally and other cultures using ICT equipment.

Before teaching this module you will need to develop a cooperation with WTWT. The school in Irkeepusi currently don't have any ICT equipment since there is no power in the village. Unless something can be arranged you will be unable to conference with the school via this means. You may wish to conference with another school in Tanzania in a more urban area. Students can still email Rachael but delve into an ICT experience in another area. You will also have to prepare a variety of resources, contacts, and make multiple connections with professionals in overseas charities. Make a note of what resources students will need for the event and make sure these can be accessed somewhere within the local community. Check these cost of these or whether they are items students can easily create. In doing this set aside a budget you will give students before they decide upon an event. Calculate this amount and preplan the event to ensure this budget is acheivable. Although the students will be making the decisions in the unit you should already have a very specific plan of an event as a backup.

There are many ways to teach this unit. You may wish to host the event in conjunction with other schools and make it a communal happening. Discuss and share your resources with other teachers to ensure you have enough resources and correct ICT equipment. If your school does not have the specific equipment check the cost of purchasing this. Before this unit begins have everything you need, inform others, and have a very structured plan of how everything will be run.










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