What will you be doing in this unit?

This unit requires you to explore Maasain culture, find articles and research contemporary issues relating to the Maasain peoples. You will be directed to sites, given hints, and supplied with contacts to assist you in your journey. After some brief researching you will be assisted, by your teacher to contact Rachael and inquiry about the project and Maasain tribal life. Your teacher will also set you up to conference with the school in Irekeepusi. Here you will be able to ask questions and communicate with students your own age. You will be advised of language and cultural protocol beforehand.
Once you have made this international connection you will be asked, within your class, to come up with a suitable strategy or idea for a cultural event. This event is to be hosted at the end of the unit and is implemented to raise money for the project. The class will decide what the event will look like, where it will be held, how it will be presented and what roles and tasks will be required. Within your class you must form groups, preferably groups of the cooks, the artists, the actors, the presenters, and the organisers. You must decide/negotiate what group to join based on your abilities and interests. If you are involved in drama, for example, you may wish to join the actors in acting out/depicting a Maasain story, history or contemporary issue.
After you have formed a group you must decide, within your group what you will do, how you will do it and what resources will be needed. All these elements must be recorded in your wiki on your group page. In week 6 you will be required to present your planning in class as part of assignment 1. When planning within your group you must take into account what all other groups are doing. The class will be given so much money to host this event. Therefore make sure the resources you use are clearly defined and well calculated. The organisers group will be looking after the budgeting and will monitor each group's plans. It must be noted that the plans you present may change, therefore, although clear and concise, should be a rough draft.
Once each groups has their plans ready they will continue to delve into and learn about Maasain history, political issues, rights, lifestyles, economy and society. You will be required to research articles that take stances for or against the Maasai and put them into your wiki as part of a collection. Movies, podcasts and any other media may be added considering it is properly cited, another point that will be covered. Along with collecting material you will be asked to analyse it, compare it with other global issues, talk about it, and create opinions. How do these issues compare with issues in our society? Is this fair? Why does this happen?
All this will be learnt whilst you continue to work within your group to create something for the event you will host. You must use your learning and research and calculate how you will present it to the audience during the presentation. Also you must record, discussions, ideas, and developments as you work as well as keeping a personal blog diary reflecting on your learning. This unit is about understanding, delving into, and evaluating contemporary global issues and learning about how we can develop an opinion, present an argument and persuade our audience. Critical thinking, creating thinking and communication are key skills for working within this century and society. This is what you will be evaluated on. The teacher will look at and assess each student based on their engagement, participation, communicationg and insightful thinking demonstrated throughout the unit, not so much their performance during the final event.
During the latter part of this unit an in class cultural lunch will be served. This will be to revise and explore the knowledge learnt throughout the unit. Similar revision activities will be performed, including class discussions, idea sharing and several thinking activities. In the final week you be learning about Tanzania as a whole and how it links to Maasain culture. Lastly you will participate in the hosting of the event.
Note that throughout the unit you will constantly be:

- Participating in some form of international class communication with Rachael or the school
- Reflecting in a blog
- Working together and communicating via the web
- Researching and collecting resources from the web
- Working on your group project for the event
- Working with the rest of the rest of the groups/class in preparation of the event
- Recording your learning journey, discussions, ideas, project developments and resources in various wiki pages

As well as all this there will be classes to attend and readings/activities to complete each week.