Welcome to my creative picture page

This page I'm going to try uploading some pictures I've created or other different things I've done. I'm looking forward to this so I hope my brain can handle the new technology


This is my first picture created on Picnik. I'm not sure if I should sign up for a paid version of Picnik and use other tools. I'll see how I go. So far this simple collage has been enough to impress myself.


And now I've found some more Picnik tools to create fancier stuff. This picture was created using the fancy collage section of Picnik. I uploaded some better photos too rather than the Innes Park ones. Most of the frames from the fancy collage section require premium upgrade. This frame I could have for free. Hopefully I can create more picnik stuff (sorry shouldn't use that word).


This is a painting I made using Medion, a computer drawing pad. The pad allows you to use a pen which when it touches the surface of the pad uploads the lines onto paint. I think this would be a great tool for children when creating images using ICT.


This was an image I created on Tuxpaint. Tuxpaint was awesome. There is this special paint box called 'magic' where you can make great creations by doing no more than mucking around. It has good graphic and and 3D imagining. I think it would be really good for prep, year 1 and year 2 to play with. For children to create their own amazing drawings would really inspire them in their learning.


This was another image I created on Tuxpaint. I used a tool called 'emboss' which gives it a tiled look. The flowers and stars and bricks are examples of other tools.