Welcome to the Bundaberg coast. This a small journey from my house to the rocks. Enjoy.

This a walkway just down from my house. On the left in an old forest. We'll look more it soon.


I've walked a little way down my walkway and here's the forest. As you can see there's an old toilet block there. It could be a cabin. I'm not sure. No one's allowed to go there so I'll never know. I've always wished I could explore the forest because it looks so pretty.


On the other side of the walk way (right side) there's a sugar cane fence. There are heaps of sugar cane fields in Bundaberg. There's a field in front of my house. It's quite tall now. In spring it will get cut and I can watch it grow again.


I've come to the end of the forest walk. This is a small grove outside a neigbours garden.


I'm on the road now. It's 6:30 in the morning so the sun's quite low. If it wasn't so bright you could see the water behind the trees.


I'm finally at the park. I don't come here much but I think it's pretty early in the morning.


This is the beach. The tide's quite low and there's no one around. I usually come here to find cowry shells.


This is a rock pool near the shore. I don't know what kind of coral this is but there's lots of it around. The dark purple coral is very soft and spongy. Further north there's a huge rock pool with heaps of different coloured corals. According to marine experts we have some of the best coral is Australia.


This is a view of the rock pool facing north. I'm going to head to the inlet which is a five minute walk from here.


I thought it would be interesting to show you the rocks we have here. Notice how they're cemented together. It's said this was caused by molten rock that cooled when it hit the ocean. The molten came from the Hummock, a tiny hill, in fact the only hill in Bundaberg.

This is just another rock pool. I'm looking for crabs but can't find any. We get some pretty big ones near here.

I'm closer to the inlet now. There's lots brown moss on the rocks left by the low tide.

I walk up to the beach. This is the view from further up the bank.


And this is palm teetering on the bank. Again I don't know what sort of palm it is. We get a lot more of them up at Agnes Water.

Some sand has been washing over the rocks. Not far to the inlet now.

I'm finally here.You can see the jetty and park up above. I can come back and show you high tide one day. At high tide the water's near the top of the jetty and it's great for swimming. If it's high tide and going out it's dangerous, though, because you can be dragged out to sea.

A bit further up you can see the creek which is very shallow.

And now I'm right up near the mangroves. They grow everywhere in creek beds around here. They're salt water trees and so can grow in sandy salt water places.

And this is the park.

This is another shot further up the creek facing south. When the tide's in this is a very wide river.


And now my camera's is full. I can show you more of my shore line next time. Further south is Barolyn rocks, a popular snorkling location.

Thanks Wendy for the excursion idea. I thought I'd try it for a preschool classroom.