Assessment 1

Due date

Presentation: Week 6 in class
Wiki and blog material: Friday Week 6

Task description

This assessment is divided into three parts: the plan of your group, the plan for the event overall, and your individual blog reflections on the planning process. In part 1 you are to use the material you collected and created in the 'week 4' group tasks in your group page.
You are to work within your group to put all these materials into a presentation. This will be presented in week 6 in class and should explain and cover all the elements listed in the table. The presentation is to be presented by the entire group cooperatively. For example the explaining shouldn't be the responsibility of one group member. Part 1 will be assessed based on the material in the group page, the group's engagement and communication strategies demonstrated throughout 'week 4' and 'week 5' , and the presentation itself.
Part 2 is a class activity. It requires all groups to contribute to and construct a plan for the event on the 'class page' in the wiki. The planning must cover all elements listed in the table. This task will be assessed based on the clarity and creativity of the material presented, and each individual's contribution to and participation in these activities. Communication methods and effective strategies used will be considered during the assessment process.
Part 3 is an individual activity completed by each student in their blog. Each student must give a reflection on the three elements listed in the table. Reflections do not need to be in writing but can be recorded, presented in a movie, or explained in another form of ICT media. These reflections are completed as part of your 'week 4' and 'week 5' tasks. They should demonstrate your understanding of working cooperatively. You should note good and bad incidents, why you think these happened and the strategies you used. This shows your awareness of what ICT collaboration involves and the appropriate responses required.


This task is about planning, not so much the plan itself. You are to demonstrate your ability to communicate, collaborate, contribute, edit and present. All these assessable elements are demonstrated in your group work and collaboration throughout the weeks rather than the final presentation presented in week 6. As for the plan that the class and each group creates it is rough draft or outline. It should be well presented/organised but allowing for changes and modification as the unit progresses.

Part No.
Where it is created
How it is presented
How it is done
How it is assessed/graded?
1 Your group's plan
The cooks, actors, presenter and artists:

- Show how you developed your idea or conclusion by providing the research you undertook, the resources you used and the mindmaps, brainstorming and lists, notes you created.
- Reveal what you came up with, what you will be doing at the event?
- List and describe the resources you will need and how much this costs, may want to show it in a budget graph?
- Show how you are going to carry out this plan? What strategies and steps are involved?

- Describe the tasks each member is responsible for as well as how you plan to finish your project ready for the event (show timetable of what will be done and when)

- Describe how ICT can be used for this and will support your planning

The organisers:

- List all the factors you considered when planning an idea for the event.
- Show the contributions the other groups made and the ideas your group had.

- Reveal the decision you came up with.
- Show a graph of the resources you will use, where you will get them and how much they will cost
- Show how you are going to implement this plan.
- Describe the tasks each member is responsible for as well as how your plan to organise your preparation of the event (show timetable of what will be done and when)

- Describe how ICT can be used for this and will support your planning
All of this is created/covered in
your week 4 tasks
in your group page
To present part 1 put all relevant material into a powerpoint
presentation or prezi.
Make sure you explain
and cover all elements.
This should be done within your group
Each student will be assessed individually
based on their participation in and contribution to the
week 4 activities. The
presentation will be given
a group grade.
2 The overall plan
As a class outline:

- The money/budget for the event
- The resources that will be used
- How much these will cost
- Every group's role
- The week by week tasks that should be completed for the event to be ready in time

Note: Much of this material can collected from your group pages.
All of this should be put into the Wiki: Class page as part of the 'week 5' tasks
All elements will be editted and presented on the Class page in Wiki
This should be done as a class activity
Each student will be assessed based on their participation and contribution to the Class page in Wiki. This includes participation in forums and discussions.

3 Individual
In your blog reflect on:

- How you came up with your group plan, the communication, cooperation and difficulties involved.
- How you cooperated in the class 'week 5' activities, the difficulties and highs you had and the communication strategies you used.
- What you contributed to the overall plan of the event on the Class page in the wiki and how you helped edit it.

Note: This reflections can be written or in a podcast, video or appropriate tool of your choice.
All of these reflections are put in your blog
All of these reflections are presented in and assessed in your blog
This is done individually
Each student will be assessed individually on these three reflections.

Learning outcomes

- Be able to identify elements of working cooperatively

- Understand the process of planning, and designing real world events

- Be able to communicate fluently using ICT

- Be able to organise data, ideas and information

- Be able to research for specific material

- Know how to present and artculate ideas clearly

Criteria sheet
Reflects on experiencesand effective group work.

(Individual grade)
Communication undertaken in almost every context. Iniative demonstrated in online communication through the suggestion of ideas and technological sources used. Professional protocol is demonstrated
Communication undertaken in a variety of contexts such as live conferencing, forum discussions and idea sharing in wiki pages. Good protocol and idea sharing demonstrated.
Sufficient peer communication.
Satisfactory protocol
Little or no peer communication.
Poor or inappropriate protocol
Contributes to group and
class pages with ideas and

(Individual grade)
Thinks outside the box in suggesting ideas. Provides professional and creative research material. Assists extensively in editting and organising material.
Suggests a range of ideas and provides good resources for wiki pages. Does more than required share of editting and organising.
Suggests some appropriate ideas. Provides some appropriate resources and edits/organises material
Little or no ideas suggested. Does not provide any research or contribute much effort in organising and editting
In class presentation is
professional and
well planned/outlined

(Group grade)
Presentation covers all elements comprehensively and is professionally organised. Elements are presented creatively and with iniative and additional ideas/
understadning. Presentation is presented in an interesting/entertainin and collaborative manner.
Presentation covers all elements is well organised and shows good group work, planning, consideration of elements and creativity. The presentation is presented collaboratively.
Presentation covers all elements, is organised and shows sufficient group work, planning, and consideration of elements. Is presented collaboratively.
Presentation does not cover all elements, is poorly presented and involves no collaborative presenting
Wiki pages are professionally
organised, creative and
demonstrate the learning journey
(e.g. brainstorming, formal
information sharing and idea

(group grade & class grade depending on page)
Page demonstrates a creative history of information accumulation, collaboration and idea sharing. Page outlines a plan in a comprehensive, well
organised and creative manner. Well sourced and reliable information and resources have been included.
Page shows history of much quality information accumulation, research and idea development/sharing. Is well organised, has covered all tasks in week 4 and 5 using iniative and creative planning. Sufficient resources are shown,
Page shows some history of information accumulations, research and idea development/
sharing. Is sufficiently organised, has covered all tasks in week 4 and 5 as well as demonstrating required resources.
Page show no history of information accumulation, collaboration and idea sharing. Is poorly organised, has not responded to all tasks in week 4 and 5 and has little resources.
Blog reflections are interesting,
insightful and show understanding
of effective group work
Blogs cover all elements providing entertaining anecdotes of communication experiences and strategies used. Shows comprehensive knowledge of group work and ICT collaboration. No peer is mentioned in a derogative manner or talked about badly.
Blogs cover all elements providing interesting recounts of communication experiences and incidents. Shows above standard knowledge of group work and online collaboration.
No peer is mentioned in a derogative manner or talked about badly.
Blogs cover all elements sufficiently. Some incident
recounts and understanding of group work is included.
Blogs are poorly presented with little or no explanation/coverage of the three elements.


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